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Glasgow Xperience event, with Thomas Schlieck

Rene Stam interview- Ajax Goalkeeper coach

Coaching Sessions

Efficient Goalkeeper movement

Phil Wheddon creates a fantastic session to develop the Goalkeeper’s ability to move efficiently in and around the goal area.


Shot stopping from close range

In our NEW GkNexus Coach, Phil Wheddon’s first session, we focus on the decision making of the Goalkeeper when facing shots from close range.

Feet distribution & support play

Working with Burton Albion Academy Goalkeepers, Eric Steele looks to improve feet distribution and supporting angles for receiving the ball under pressure.

Handling & footwork

Another Eric Steele masterclass, working to improve the Goalkeepers handling & footwork.

Throughout this session, Eric adapts the exercise layout to show you how to adapt the exercise for foundation and youth development phase.

Shot stopping

Every Goalkeeper’s favourite session, a shot stopping session. Defending the goal, from shots within the red zone. Our GkNexus Coach, Tony Elliott, designed this session in order for the Goalkeepers to make a variety of saves, which are required within the modern game of football.

Distribution & receiving positions- Foundation Phase

In this ‘sneak-peak’ video from our Members area, Eric work’s on improving the young Goalkeepers passing technique over varied distances and engaging in a supportive receiving position within the goal area.

Distribution & aggressive receiving positions

The Goalkeepers worked with Tony, on short/medium passing, as well as adopting an aggressive receiving position and much, much more.

Handling techniques- Foundation Phase

In this ‘Members Only’ teaser footage, watch Eric Steele in action with foundation phase Goalkeepers as young as 9 years old, in a session designed to improve their handling and distribution techniques.

Crossing Exercise

Our Coach, Eric Steele, has some question’s for you, our subscribers. Can you answer the two question’s Eric asked within the video? Post your answers below the video and please feel free to share on your social media timelines, to engage with other Coaches.

Activation exercises

Watch our Coach, Tony Elliott, in action during a activation, co-ordination and collaboration coaching session. This session just proves that you don’t need access to large areas and lots of equipment to create outcome-driven exercises for your Goalkeepers.

Modern blocking technique

Tony break’s down the basic fundamentals of the technique, before progressing the session and allowing the Goalkeepers to utilise the technique in game related situations. To access the full video and it’s benefits, simply join 100’s of others and join our other Members Area. You won’t regret it.

Plyometrics & distance diving

Enjoy our short teaser video from our GkNexus Coach, Eric Steele, on a plyometrics coaching session. Only GkNexus Members have full access to our unique Goalkeeping content, created by our team of UEFA A Licenced Goalkeeper Coaches.

Goalkeeper Tips

Confidence & ability on the ball

Our Coach, Tony Elliott, takes time out from a ‘Playing out from the back, with a focus on Goalkeeper distribution’ session, to engage with the Goalkeeper and improve his confidence and ability on the ball. Our content improves Coaches AND Goalkeepers. GkNexus can develop YOUR game onto the next level.

Improving the Goalkeepers mindset

With Eric Steele having worked with some of the biggest names to put on a pair of gloves, he has built up a wealth of experience in how to develop the Goalkeeper psychologically. In our FULL ‘Video Presentation’ Eric shares with you proven techniques to enable your Goalkeeper to increase their confidence, deal with nerves and anxiety, recover from mistakes and so much more.

Podcast tip on dead ball kicking

Check out this short clip, taken from a recent Members Only ‘Coach Interaction’ podcast with Eric Steele, in which we discuss the benefits of encouraging young Goalkeepers to take ownership of their own development, when improving their dead ball kicking technique.

Improving confidence at crossed balls

We discuss how to improve a goalkeepers confidence when dealing with crosses and what practices you can do to command your area like an absolute boss. Our Members get access to the full 30minute podcast and other incredible knowledge like this on a weekly basis.

Crossed balls- Aggressive starting position

As a Goalkeeper, would you like to effect more crossed balls that come into your box? Here is our GkNexus Coach, Eric Steele, explaining the benefits of an aggressive starting position to the Goalkeeper at Burton Albion Academy. Our Members Area is full videos with incredible knowledge like this. We improve our Members as Goalkeepers and Coaches.

Interviews & club visits

Rene Stam Interview

Whilst at the International Goalkeeper Coaches Conference , we sat down with Rene Stam, to discuss all things Goalkeeping related at Ajax. Rene is Head of youth Goalkeeping & coordinator within the Ajax Academy. A great watch for both goalkeepers and coaches working within the game.

John Achterberg, Liverpool Goalkeeper Coach

GkNexus were invited to Melwood training centre, home of Liverpool FC, to interview current first team Goalkeeper Coach, John Achterberg. We discussed working under Jurgen Klopp, opponent specific training program, video analysis, Mo Salah, dealing with criticism and so much MORE.

Partick Thistle Goalkeeper training

We visited a Partick Thistle F.C training session, to watch the Goalkeepers in action, with their Goalkeeping Coach, Kenny Arthur. We also captured the action when the Goalkeepers were integrated into the full squad, for some match related training practices.

UEFA Gk A Licence- Behind the scenes

We got the chance to check out the Scottish FA’s, and UEFA’s, most elite coaching course for Goalkeeping coaches. We visited Broadwood Stadium, the home of Clyde F.C, to watch Scottish FA Coach Educator’s, Jim Stewart and Paul Mathers, help develop the latest crop of Scottish Goalkeeping coaches looking to make a mark on the professional game.

KA Goalkeeping interview, with Kenny Arthur

We visited the KA Goalkeeping offices to sit down with their Director, Kenny Arthur, and discuss all things Goalkeeping, including the launch of their new Giga Volt Solar Series model, the launch of KA and Kenny’s coaching career.

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