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We are an online Goalkeeping resource creating unique content with our team of UEFA A Licensed Goalkeeper Coaches, to improve Goalkeeper Coaches and Goalkeepers all around the world.

We love the Goalkeeping position and have a passion to develop and educate all Goalkeeping enthusiasts out there, as the modern demands of the Goalkeeper reach new expectations.

We have 1000’s of Goalkeeper Coaches and Goalkeepers who interact with us on a weekly basis, with a large number of them signing up to our hugely popular Members area, simply because we offer the BEST Goalkeeping content available anywhere on the internet.

GkNexus is not just for Goalkeepers or Coaches beginning their journey in between the sticks, it’s not just for those at the top elite level either, GkNexus is for anyone who is even remotely interested in learning about the Goalkeeping position. 

Eric Steele

The man who famously convinced Sir Alex Ferguson to sign David De Gea for Manchester United. Eric has worked with Goalkeepers such as De Gea, Schmeichel, Van Der Saar, Butland, Hart…the list is endless really, talk about top level!

We’re extremely lucky to have Eric as part of our GkNexus Coaching team and our Members are evidence of that, as they continue to develop and progress under Eric’s mentorship on a weekly basis.

Phil Wheddon

Phil’s CV includes experience in the MLS, the official World Cup, the Olympics and director of the most successful Goalkeeper Coaches conference. We know what you’re thinking, “Wow, imagine I could learn from someone like that?”. Well, YOU CAN!

Standing at 6ft 6″ tall and hands like shovels, Phil transitioned from a playing career into a coaching career and let’s be honest, he’s done not too bad. We’re delighted to have Phil on board.


Thomas Schlieck

Our first addition to the team from mainland Europe, Thomas brings a wealth of experience to the team. Having coached at some of Germany’s top clubs and for the German FA at all youth levels, our Members are in ‘safe hands with our German superstar!

Having took up coaching with no professional playing experience, he puts to bed the lazy and uninformed argument that you have to have ‘played the game’ to be a respected and recognised Goalkeeper coach.

Tony Elliott

Quite possibly one of the most experienced Goalkeeper Coaches from the Uk, having held positions in 6 formats of the beautiful game. Tony has attended World Cup’s, Euro Championships and the Olympics…we know, pretty impressive, right?

Some say he is the nicest man in football, due to his ‘caring and sharing’ moto. And, you won’t find our Members disagreeing, as Tony regularly goes out of his way to develop them individually.

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Not to blow our own trumpet, but we have 1000’s of Goalkeeping enthusiasts who follow our page, purely down to the standard of Goalkeeping content we produce. People who follow our page include:

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