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The most talked about ‘hidden gem’ of the goalkeeping world, our GkNexus ‘Members Area’. With our interactive and educational goalkeeper coaching content, created by a host of professional goalkeeper coaches working in the professional game, we have changed the landscape on how goalkeepers are coached all over the world.

On a weekly basis, we provide relevant, explained and outcome-driven content, created by some of the best goalkeeper coaches in the world. Our coaching team literally take our private members ‘under their wing’ and mentor them, as they showcase the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ behind all of our content, as well as providing in-depth information as to how you can transfer them to your own environment, to improve your Goalkeeper.

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Our multi-media platform provides invaluable education, for those striving to further their goalkeeper coach knowledge and education. And, it’s all available at the touch of a button from the comfort of your own home. Make no mistake, if you want to educate and develop yourself as a goalkeeper coach, under the guidance of some of the best names in goalkeeping, this is the place to do it.


GKnexus team

Eric Steele

Ex Man Utd Goalkeeper Coach under Sir Alex Ferguson. Also ex Man City, Derby County, Middlesbrough, Aston Villa and current England FA Coach educator. The man who signed David De Gea for Man Utd, appropriately nicknamed the ‘Guru’ by the #Gkunion, due to his knowledge & experience in the Goalkeeping profession.

Thomas Schlieck

Current Borussia Dortmund Head of Goalkeeping Development and former Goalkeeping coach at Bundesliga sides RB Leipzig and Schalke 04. Thomas has worked within the Bundesliga for 9 seasons and has been responsible in developing youth Goalkeepers at European giants, Borussia Dortmund, since 2015.

Phil Wheddon

First team goalkeeper coach at Philadelphia Union in the MLS. Ex USA National Men & Women’s Gk Coach, with Gk Coaching experience at FIFA World Cup’s and the Olympics. We know, pretty impressive, right? Having worked with Goalkeepers such as Tim Howard, Kasey Keller & Hope Solo, we simply could have no one better to head up our GkNexus USA expansion.

Andy Quy​

First team goalkeeper coach at Brentford, he has worked at the top level of English football for nearly 20 years, as well as being a highly respected coach educator for the England FA.Andy has worked with some of the best goalkeepers of the Premier League, including Jack Butland and Asmir Begovic.

Neil Cutler

Aston Villa goalkeeper coach and one of the most sought after coaches in the Uk, working on a daily basis with internationals like Tom Heaton.  A Championship play off winner, who has transitioned into coaching after an impressive playing career, earning the praise and recognition from fellow colleagues in the profession.


other gknexus contributors

John Achterberg

Liverpool F.C first team goalkeeper coach

Rene Stam

Ajax F.C youth co-ordinator goalkeeper coach

Tony Elliott

Bristol City Women F.C first team goalkeeper coach

Ross Ballantyne

Queen of the South F.C first team goalkeeper coach

Tony Parks

Former first team goalkeeper coach for Tottenham Hotspur


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our coaches have worked with


Video Coaching Sessions

Over 1,300 minutes of unique training footage of our team of coaches creating our interactive goalkeeping content, with goalkeepers of all ages & abilities. Our easily adaptable coaching content is used by our members in goalkeeping environments all over the world, allowing aspiring goalkeepers to have access to development proven training material. We don't just provide 'session ideas', we go deep into the thought processes of the best goalkeeper coaches in the world.

Video Presentations

Over 750 minutes of a catalogue of ‘privately owned’ theory presentations, delivered by our team of professional goalkeeper coaches. Our ‘off the field’ content, is created to educate you on developing goalkeepers physically, tactically and psychologically. Our team have created presentations on the philosophy of developing youth goalkeepers at Borussia Dortmund, how to train elite goalkeepers such as David de Gea and Edwin van der Sar, defending set plays and so much more.

members only Podcasts

Over 1,600 minutes of unique listening material, created just for you, with our team of professional goalkeeper coaches. We effectively take you ‘inside the same room’ with some of goalkeeping’s biggest names and allow you to ask them questions, to help you on your coaching journey. These podcasts give you ‘one to one’ interaction with our team, allowing you to effectively be mentored on your coaching journey. A unique experience only available here at GkNexus.


Content Calendar

Ajax goalkeeper philosophy, webinar with Rene Stam

We are thrilled to have join us in our new webinar series, current Ajax youth goalkeeping coach, Rene Stam. Throughout this webinar, we will discuss the goalkeeping philosophy at the Dutch giants, the pathway for goalkeeper and look at some of Rene’s practical sessions.

Unseen Man Utd footage, ‘live’ webinar with Eric Steele

Conducting his first GkNexus ‘live’ webinar, Eric Steele treats our members by diving into his video archives, to pull some unseen footage of his Man Utd training sessions. We will discuss his goalkeeping philosophy whilst working at the club and watch goalkeepers, such as Edwin Van der Sar and Sam Johnstone, in action.

Insight into Italian goalkeepers at Cagliari, with Antonello Brambilla

Making his debut on the GkNexus platform, is Cagliari goalkeeper coach, Antonello Brambilla. Showcasing his Italian goalkeeping philosophy, implemented within the Serie A club, Antonello provides training ideas and also discusses his new book ‘Saves and mistakes’.

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As a GkNexus Member, you are granted access to over 4000 minutes of our unique Goalkeeping content, already ‘live’ in the Members area, created by our team of world-renowned professional Goalkeeper coaches.

From full video coaching sessions from top club’s training grounds, to behind the scenes theory presentations and private podcasts within which you are taken inside the same room as some of the #Gkunion’s most innovative minds. Our content is uniquely dedicated to educating our worldwide network of members, ensuring personal coaching development for coaches and in return, a higher rate of development for their aspiring goalkeepers.

Our multi-media content is constantly updated on a weekly basis to ensure our unique platform is the ‘go-to’ place for online goalkeeper education. 

and you also get access to the following new content every month


PDF Session plan, Pre/Post session Coach interview on design & delivery, FULL video of session with FULL Coach audio


Enjoy direct access to our coaching team and ask them questions on their sessions or request advice on ANY coaching related subject


Behind the scenes access to theory presentations carried out at worldwide private Goalkeeper conferences


Stacked with animated professional and outcome driven Goalkeeper coaching sessions- Access them in your own 18 yard box


Join our GkNexus coaches and other Members from all over the world as they interact and support each other on their coaching journey


Enjoy discounts with our partners, such as Uhlsport, Gloveglu, SportSessionPlanner and the International Goalkeeper Coaches Conference.

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