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For too long now, the Goalkeeping position has been left behind, in terms of having modern and regularly updated content accessible to educate and improve knowledge of Goalkeeper Coaches across the world.

With our hugely popular Members Area, we have changed the landscape on how Goalkeepers are coached all over the world.

With a focus and dedication to developing and educating goalkeeper coaches all over the world, we have assembled a team of highly experienced and respected, UEFA A Licensed Goalkeeper Coaches, to provide our Members with the best educational goalkeeping content, the internet has to offer.

On a weekly basis, we provide relevant, explained and outcome-driven resources for coaches to use with their goalkeepers and to aid their personal education as coaches. Our content caters for goalkeepers and coaches across a plethora of different formats, ability levels and environments.

We explain the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ behind all of our content, as well as providing in-depth information as to how you can transfer them to your own environment, to improve your Goalkeeper. We are changing the way Goalkeepers are coached all over the world and YOU can join us on this journey.

Make no mistake, if you want to educate and develop yourself as a coach, under the guidance of some of the best names in goalkeeping, this is the place to do it.

Meet our GkNexus team

Eric Steele

Ex Man Utd Goalkeeper Coach under Sir Alex Ferguson. Also ex Man City, Derby County, Middlesbrough, Aston Villa and current England FA Coach educator.

Appropriately nicknamed ‘The Guru’ by the #Gkunion, due to his knowledge & experience in the Goalkeeping profession. He also signed David De Gea for Man Utd…..not bad, right?

Thomas Schlieck

Current Borussia Dortmund Head of Goalkeeping Development and former Goalkeeping coach at Bundesliga sides RB Leipzig and Schalke 04.

Thomas has worked within the Bundesliga for 9 seasons and has been responsible in developing youth Goalkeepers at European giants, Borussia Dortmund, since 2015.

Phil Wheddon

Ex USA National Men & Women’s Gk Coach, with Gk Coaching experience at FIFA World Cup’s, the Olympics, MLS and Director of IGCC. We know, pretty impressive, right?

Having worked with Goalkeepers such as Tim Howard, Kasey Keller & Hope Solo, we simply could have no one better to look after our GkNexus USA fleet.

Andy Quy

First team goalkeeper coach at Stoke City, Andy has worked at the top level of English football for nearly 20 years, as well as being a highly respected coach educator for the England FA.

Andy has worked with some of the best goalkeepers to have played in the Premier League, including Jack Butland and Asmir Begovic.

Other GkNexus content contributors…
John Achterberg

Liverpool F.C first team goalkeeper coach

Rene Stam

Ajax F.C youth co-ordinator goalkeeper coach

Tony Elliott

Birmingham City Women F.C first team goalkeeper coach

Ross Ballantyne

Queen of the South F.C first team goalkeeper coach

Tony Parks

Former first team goalkeeper coach for Tottenham Hotspur

Our Membership- What do you get?

As a GkNexus Member, you are granted access to over 3000 minutes of our unique Goalkeeping content, already ‘live’ in the Members area, created by our team of world-renowned professional Goalkeeper coaches.

From full video coaching sessions from top club’s training grounds, to behind the scenes theory presentations and private podcasts within which you are taken inside the same room as some of our #Gkunion’s innovative minds. Our content is uniquely dedicated to educating our worldwide network of members, ensuring personal coaching development for coaches and in return, a higher rate of development for their aspiring goalkeepers.

Our multi-media content is constantly updated on a weekly basis to ensure our unique platform is the ‘go-to’ place for online goalkeeper education.

AND you also get access to the following NEW content EVERY month…

  • 2 x Video Coaching Sessions- PDF Session plan, Pre/Post session Coach interview on design & delivery, FULL video of session with FULL Coach audio

  • 2 x Coach Interaction Private Podcasts- Enjoy direct access to our coaching team and ask them questions on their sessions or request advice on ANY coaching related subject

  • 1 x Video Presentation on Goalkeeping related aspect- Behind the scenes access to theory presentations carried out at worldwide private Goalkeeper conferences

  • Access to ‘Animation area’ stacked with animated professional and outcome driven Goalkeeper coaching sessions- Access them in your own 18 yard box

  • Access to our ‘Session Plans’ section, from which you can download professional session plans created by our team. These sessions have been carried out by the likes of David de Gea, Peter Schmeichel, Edwin van der Sar, Hope Solo and many, many more

  • Private Facebook group- Join our GkNexus coaches and other Members from all over the world as they interact and support each other on their coaching journey

Other added benefits include:
  • 20% DISCOUNT on ALL Uhlsport equipment
  • 20% DISCOUNT with Sport Session Planner (Access to our private SSP club library with all of our sessions)
  • 20% DISCOUNT with Gloveglu

Join today...

Secure a FREE month and access to over 2,500 of unique goalkeeper educational content. And, you can cancel at any time. What do you have to lose?

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Video Coaching Sessions

Watch our sessions carried out in state of the art facilities, such as St Georges Park and the Borussia Dortmund training facility, as our world renowned coaches create unique content, created to develop you as a coach.

We don’t just give you sessions ideas, we give you EVERYTHING!

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Animated Goalkeeper Sessions

Explore our area stacked with animated Goalkeeper coaching sessions. These professional and outcome driven sessions have multiple progressions, which will help you carry out a full 40min session.

Perfect for last minute inspiration for your next training practice.

Video Presentations

Watch our Coaches deliver their private theory presentations, which they deliver throughout the world at private Goalkeeper conferences. From the BVB Gk philosophy, to working with David de Gea, they are seriously impressive.

Nowhere else can you get access to this type of educational content.

Coach Interaction Podcasts

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have direct access to some of the best Goalkeeper coaches in the world, to ask them questions on anything Goalkeeping or coaching related?

Yes, you’ve guessed it, with our private Members only podcasts, our coaches answer your questions directly. You don’t get that opportunity every week.

Private Facebook Group

Network with our team of Coaches and other Members in our private Facebook group.
You can share your coaching sessions, receiving valuable feedback. Discuss the latest coaching trends to hit the training ground and all other Goalkeeping news.
Our network strive to support each other on their coaching journey.

Partner Discounts

Take advantage of discounts with our constantly growing list of partners, exclusively available to Members.

Save on your Goalkeeping gloves with Uhlsport, as well as with the premier session planning software, Sport Session Planner. We also seek out the best DISCOUNTED deals on all #Gkunion equipment.

Try before you BUY.....

Are you still not quite sure if you want to join us? That’s completely understandable, as there are lot’s of platforms out there that promise the world and add little value, in terms of actual education.

Because of this, we like to offer everyone the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’. And yes, this is ON TOP of the initial FREE month trial we offer everyone upon sign up. You might think that’s crazy, but we are so confident in the value our content has brought to 1000’s of coaches all over the world, that we are more than happy to share it with you, to show you that we really are the go-to place for online goalkeeper education.

We have created a FREE page, for interested coaches to enjoy at their leisure, with content from all of our coaching team. You can enjoy a full ‘Video Coaching Session’ from ex Man Utd and Man City goalkeeper coach, Eric Steele, as well as a glimpse into the popular ‘Video Presentation’ presented by Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper coach, Thomas Schlieck, with the full video showcasing a full slideshow presentation on the goalkeeping philosophy at Borussia Dortmund from the youth phase through to the first team. And, we also share one of our ‘Coach Interaction Podcasts’ with ex USA National Men & Women goalkeeper coach, Phil Wheddon, which will show you why our members only podcasts are so popular, with our coach answering questions from our members from all over the world and of course, discussion around the content previously delivered by the coach.

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