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'Video Coaching Sessions'

'Defending the goal' by Eric Steele

Ex Man Utd and Man City Goalkeeper Coach, Eric Steele, delivers a masterclass session, with the session uniquely designed to put the Goalkeeper’s into ‘game-like’ scenarios in which they must recognise the triggers and then make decisions on whether they should smother/block the ball from close distance or position themselves for a shot from further distance.
With a variety of exercises, the emphasis is placed on the decision making process. The Goalkeepers are put into scenarios which will make them consider the ‘WHEN and WHY’, when choosing their action.

[fvplayer src=”https://gknexus.s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/videosessions/Eric+Steele/ES-DTG.mp4″]

Coach Interaction Podcast

After each session, our network of worldwide members are given the opportunity to quiz our GkNexus coach on their session delivery. Why did they set up the practice as they did? How would they adapt it for younger goalkeepers? 

Please check out the members only podcast, with Eric Steele, specific to this session.

PDF Session Plan

'Video Presentations'

Insight into the Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper department

GkNexus and Borussia Dortmund goalkeeper coach, Thomas Schlieck, certainly produced the goods for his first ever content that was released on our GkNexus members area.

Thomas takes our members behind the scenes at Borussia Dortmund and gives us a detailed presentation on how the Goalkeeping department work at BVB, from youth set up all the way through to the professional team.

This FULL video will blow away, with the incredible detail that Thomas put’s in to his philosophy, to ensure each Goalkeeper at BVB is given the best opportunity to develop to the top level, at one of Europe’s most successful football clubs.

Preparation and performance of the elite Goalkeeper

Our GkNexus Members were given access to an incredible presentation, created by Eric Steele, as he shared the contrasts in how he prepared some of the best Goalkeepers he has worked with, including David De gea, Joe Hart, Peter Schmeichel and Edwin Van der Sar.

With De gea and Hart at the start of their careers and Schmeichel and Van der Sar coming to the end of their careers, their were some fascinating points that Eric raised in how he had to approach their training differently.

Additional FREE 'Coach Interaction Podcast'

To show you the incredible value behind our ‘Coach Interaction Podcast’, please enjoy this fascinating discussion with GkNexus and ex USA National Men & Women goalkeeper coach, Phil Wheddon.

Our Members get to ask our Coaching team any questions on their sessions or any coaching related questions at all, a fantastic opportunity for our network of worldwide members to pick the brains of some of the best coaches in the goalkeeping world. 

Efficient movement around the goal 'Video Coaching Session'

Once you listen to this, you will understand why these members only podcasts are a hugely popular and indeed, pivotal part of our members area, as the educational value behind them is incredible.

FREE Youtube content

'Footwork and shot stopping' by Eric Steele

Within this session, Eric demonstrates how to develop your Goalkeepers footwork & shot stopping ability with the Burton Albion Academy Goalkeepers at St Georges Park.

Within each of our sessions, our Coaches interact with our Members by asking them questions on the session. Our Members also get to ask our Coaches questions on their sessions, which we answer directly in our unique ‘Coach Interaction Podcast’, which you can check out below.

'Basic Plyometrics and building to distance diving' by Eric Steele

Within this session, Eric demonstrates how to develop your Goalkeepers diving ability, allowing them to create power movements when stepping into the dive.

Watch how Eric progresses each exercise, taking time to give valuable coaching points to the Goalkeepers, ultimately achieving the desired outcome from the session.

'The importance of the relationship between the Goalkeeper and Goalkeeper Coach' by Eric Steele

In this Video Presentation, we join Eric Steele to discuss the importance of the relationship between the Goalkeeper & Goalkeeper Coach.

Eric gives us an insight into proven techniques to aid your Goalkeepers development, including: trust building exercises, self-development plans, session beliefs and much, much more.

Having worked with a variety of Goalkeepers, with different personalities, skills and characteristics, we’re pretty sure this content is GOLD.

What other content do we have? Well over 2,000 minutes for a start...

We don’t just give you session ideas at GkNexus, that wont improve you as a Coach or your Goalkeepers if you don’t truly understand the reasoning behind the session design and how to adapt the session into your own individual coaching environment. All of our content is educational and designed to educate the viewer, which is why our Coaches regular interact with our Members into the camera. We are proud of our truly unique content.

We have 30+ FULL ‘Video Coaching Sessions’, in which you get to watch our GkNexus Coaching team, some of the most experienced Goalkeeper Coaches in the world, carry out their sessions. These include: Effective shot stopping from close range, modern blocking technique, dealing with crossed balls, efficient goalkeeper movement, futsal exercises for indoor season, playing out from the back and much more.

We also have 10+ ‘Video Presentations’, in which our coaches share with our Members their private presentations that they have designed and performed at many of the top Goalkeeper conferences in the world. These include: Improving the Goalkepers mindset, futsal to football the transferables, effective session design, pre-match warm up routine and more.

And, we have our incredibly popular ‘Coach Interaction Podcasts’ which our Members LOVE! Our Members get to interact with our Coaches by asking them questions on any ‘Video Coaching Session’ or any coaching related subject, to which we discuss with our coaching team on the private podcast. We have 30+ of these podcasts online right now, perfect for the drive to and from your coaching sessions.

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“GkNexus is simply the best Goalkeeping platform out there. I am dedicated to developing myself as a Coach and in return, develop my young Goalkeepers, and being able to learn from the very best in the business at such a low cost, is a no brainer for me.” from Brian McLaughlin.

I used to spend hours every week, searching the internet for new session ideas to work on with my Goalkeepers. Now, I simply login to my GkNexus account and get sessions from the BEST Coaches in the game. I mean, with Eric Steele, how often do you get to watch a coach in action who has worked with David De Gea, Edwin Van der Saar and Peter Schmeichel, to name a few. I LOVE it!” from James Williams.

“I find the Members area an essential tool in my own coaching bag, the session plans you provide are very detailed and not only easy to follow but easy to adapt to men’s senior level – our first team, reserve team & U18 keepers at Hythe & Dibden FC really get to grips with the sessions and can easily verbalise back to me what the key focus area of the session is around” from Graeme Harrison.

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